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Jeff Petersen Attains Certified Board Advisor (CBA)

June 29th, 2016

The Center for Strategic Business Integrity grants Jeffrey Petersen, CBA the professional designation of Certified Board AdvisorTM.



National Headquarters, Washington D.C. Metro Area –Mr. Jeffrey Petersen, CFP®, AIF®, CBA was named today as a Certified Board Advisor (CBA) by the Center for Strategic Business Integrity. Jeffrey is current Chair of the Tri-Cities Cancer Center Board, member of the National Association of Corporate Directors and CEO of Petersen Hastings, a Kennewick, Washington wealth management firm.


The CBA designation is granted to a select group of individuals with the heavy responsibility for acting as director of and/or as key advisor to corporate boards.  The CBA is responsible for driving robust oversight of any corporate enterprise by deterring, detecting, responding and resolving material corporate negligence in strategic decision making as well as business irregularities & corruption before the damage is done.  Each CBA must meet the rigorous standards of the Center’s certification program including character, relevant experience and accomplishments demonstrating that they are equipped with the skills and ethics necessary to direct a modern corporate enterprise.


In making the announcement, the Center’s Executive Director, John L. Verna CBA, CPA, CFE said that: “by virtue of Jeffrey’s outstanding background and professional accomplishments, he has earned the CBA and will no doubt uphold and promote the CBA’s Code of Conduct, effectively promoting the Center’s mission to significantly improve corporate oversight.


About the Center for Strategic Business Integrity


Center for Strategic Business Integrity is a research, education, advocacy and certification (the Certified Board Advisor) organization dedicated to developing effective corporate oversight strategies and skills for current and future corporate board directors as well as their key advisors.  Specifically the Center is:

  • A center for preparing & certifying board members & key advisors for their critical role;
  • A center for training and education;
  • A center for advocacy – promoting effective corporate oversight;
  • A center for research – developing insight into the successes & failures of corporate oversight; and,
  • A center for strategy development – formulating principles & supporting tools for more effective corporate oversight.