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February 12th, 2015

Another quarter-end in which the most certain lesson we can draw about the future is that it is difficult to predict.   Last year, client questions were generally around the underperformance of the international stock market compared to U.S. large companies.  So far this year, the international markets are outperforming U.S. large companies, illustrating that diversification is still important.


The differential would be even larger if the U.S. dollar was not gaining strength compared to the Euro currency.  For instance, an investment that is made in Euro and converted back to U.S. dollars loses some of its value because purchasing the dollars is more expensive.


Helping you effectively navigate the market’s perennial jitters is one of the most important reasons we are so committed to serving as your “fiduciary” advisor – a legally binding term that means we’ll always recommend what we believe will serve your enduring interests, whether or not it immediately serves our own.


A sceptic may question whether an advisor can build a thriving business based on the level of altruism that a fully fiduciary relationship demands. Many providers – brokers, bankers, insurance agents and others – choose a less rigorous path by serving in a transactional capacity, where any advice given is held to the lesser, “suitability” standard. Why don’t we do the same? There are several reasons the highest standard of fiduciary advice makes sense for us … and you.


Being your fiduciary advisor best fits our recommended evidence-based investment strategy. In investing, we expect to build lasting wealth by avoiding frenetic attempts to outwit near-term market movements, faithfully participating in its long-term growth instead. A similar equation applies to our successful relationship with you. By focusing on the factors that matter – helping you make the most of your family’s wealth – and not wasting time or energy trying to make a fast buck off of you, we are confident that both of us will come out ahead.


In compliance with Securities and Exchange Committee (SEC) regulations, we are enclosing a copy of our ADV Part 2 summary of changes document dated March 4, 2015, and our annual Privacy Policy.  Please advise if you wish to receive a copy of our ADV Part 2 Disclosure form, or if you have any questions regarding our policy.


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