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April 19th, 2016

The first quarter of 2016 was one of big swings. During the first few weeks of the New Year, stocks trended lower as the bad news of China’s economy was taking the space between political primaries.  Then, the European Central Bank indicated that they were going to stimulate the economy, and the stock markets around the world rallied.  If you looked at the beginning and ending balance of your account, there probably wasn’t a lot of change, but right in the middle of the quarter, it would have looked quite a bit different.


If you were listening to the financial news during the month of January, there was plenty of doom and gloom.  There were a few concerned client conversations, but at the end of the day, our clients know not to take action on what is being said on the financial news channels because our long-term investment approach is the strategy for attaining long-term success.


So let’s take a moment to reinforce our ongoing advice: Invest for the long-term. Capture available market returns within your risk tolerances and according to the best available evidence. Aggressively manage the factors we can expect to control and disregard the ones that we cannot.


These principles guide the actions we’ve advised all along. We will continue to embrace them unless compelling evidence were ever to inform us otherwise. They are the ones that serve your highest financial interests, which is our highest priority as your advisor.