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Petersen Hastings created this unique and highly successful financial planning process to solve the complex needs of investors.

the Trusted Financial PathTM Approach Steps:

1. The Compelling Conversation

Complimentary, private consultation


Consultative overview of your bigger future


Outlines the Petersen Hastings advantages

2. The Essential Discovery

Outlines a detailed picture of everything that's important to you


Dives deep into all areas of Integrative Wealth Management


Begins a detailed Financial Planning process to achieve your goals



3. The Evidence-Based Method

We provide a side by side analysis of your current portfolio compared to a similar portfolio managed by Petersen Hastings


We show you exactly how your current portfolio is invested, and how it might be improved


We teach you about asset class investing, and the dimensions of return and risk


We demonstrate how an Evidence-Based Portfolio can help you achieve your goals

4. The Strategic Solution

This begins the Fiduciary relationship with Petersen Hastings