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Petersen Hastings began with the belief that the interests of the client always come first.

We are an independent, fee only, fiduciary advisory firm that created...

Which is a systematic process that

guides committed investors with complex financial situations, toward accomplishing their goals.

We make it our goal to grow the overall financial health in the community.

Most investors do not know that companies like Petersen Hastings exist.

So why select us as your advisor?

Here are the top reasons our clients tell us:

The Petersen Hastings team is accessible, professional, and dependable.
Petersen Hastings is emotionally invested in their clients, and are dedicated to their success.
Petersen Hastings has a deep organizational bench, which provides continuity and consistency of their advisory team.
Petersen Hastings is trustworthy. Their fee only, fiduciary business model ensures that the interests of the clients come first.
Petersen Hastings keeps clients on track to their life goals and prevents them from making bad financial decisions and taking unnecessary risk.