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At Petersen Hastings, we are fee-only, independent, and world class experts.


Doesn't just describe our business model,
it is also infused throughout the Trusted Financial PathTM process:






Cash Flow




Imagine if you had a one stop resource to help you with your financial planning. the Trusted Financial PathTM process incorporates your tax accountant, estate planning attorney, trust officers, insurance agents, and investment advisors. Most people have to go to these services individually. Our process coordinates the effort of the different specialists to prevent duplication of effort and provide clarity across experts.


As a fee-only advisor, our only source of compensation comes from our clients.
This ensures that our client’s interests align with ours.


Petersen Hastings is an independent advisory firm that makes our own decisions relating to financial planning and investments. This independence allows us to directly decide what is best for our clients, not merely what is suitable.
This also allows us to serve you as a fiduciary.

World Class

We are consistently recognized as one of the top advisors in the nation by multiple sources including Medical Economics, Bloomberg Wealth Manager and Financial Advisor Magazine.


Petersen Hastings is a member of the Zero Alpha Group (ZAG). ZAG is a group of advisory businesses with the best minds in the investments industry. Through this group, we assist each other in financial planning techniques, portfolio construction and additional management methods to enhance the client experience. Through the collective bargaining power of this group, we have access to investments and other resources not available to most advisors.