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Social Security Changes: Questions Clients are Asking

November 25th, 2015
By Donna Yakawich, Wealth Planner

                                                   There is new legislation that will be effecting Social Security benefits. Some of

                                                   our clients have been asking about these changes, and we have provided
                                                   additional strategy reviews. Social Security benefits are an important part of the
                                                   total income pictures of retirees. Selecting the correct strategy and the proper
                                                   time to commence Social Security benefits can mean more monthly income for
                                                   individuals and families. We partner with a company called Social Security
                                                   Solutions, INC. that provides tools to help us analyze different Social Security strategies. We are including a short summary of the changes. As the summary indicates, selecting the strategy to maximize benefits can be complicated. We have the tools to help clients make these important decision. If you would like more information on how these changes might impact you, please contact us for a review.

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