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CEO Report: Fourth Quarter

February 15th, 2017

By Jeff Petersen, CEO

Petersen Hastings achieved a major milestone last week when we crossed over to $600 million in client assets under management. Achieving this milestone is an affirmation to the importance we place on client trust, and the continued vigilance required to attend to the ongoing and evolving needs of clients... Continue reading →


February 15th, 2017

As we look back on a year filled with surprises (from its opening days onward), it’s natural to wonder what to expect in 2017. This is especially so, since most of those surprising events have yet to play out in full – from the political climate in the U.S., to the Brexit referendum in the U.K. to uncertainty in government bond and oil prices around the world.... Continue reading →

Football and Financial Planning

February 15th, 2017

By Scott Sarber, President

As the Seattle Seahawks were preparing for a Divisional Playoff football game against the Atlanta Falcons, I was thinking about how similar football and financial planning are... Continue reading →

CEO Report: Third Quarter

November 15th, 2016

By Jeff Petersen, CEO

Today would have been Dad’s 85th birthday. He was an ardent supporter of “Statesmanship”, something that has been missing in politics for decades. That being said, he would have found the latest election “interesting”, which just so happens to be the only word I posted on my personal Facebook page on election night... Continue reading →


November 15th, 2016

The 3rd quarter has come and gone, bringing mostly positive returns for equities and fixed income investments. In the U.S.: The three major stock indexes (the Dow, the S&P and Nasdaq) set new, simultaneous records for closing at all-time highs in August… twice in the same week... Continue reading →

CEO Report: Second Quarter

July 15th, 2016

By Jeff Petersen, CEO

We are proud to have been recently selected by Financial Times (FT) as one of the 2016 FT300 Top Registered Investment Advisors in the United States. Only eight firms were selected from Washington State, and Petersen Hastings was the only firm recognized in Eastern Washington. Our selection was reinforcement that Petersen Hastings is strategically focused on the most important factors, with our clients at the... Continue reading →


July 15th, 2016

There’s an interesting phenomenon playing out in the financial press, in the form of a missing word that speaks volumes about human nature. That word is: “referendum.” Almost everywhere we turn, we’re seeing headlines referring to the “post-Brexit” environment. To imply we are in a “post-Brexit” environment is like stating that a newlywed couple is enjoying a “post-marriage” honeymoon. Current headlines... Continue reading →

Brexit's Potential Impact on Global Markets

June 27th, 2016

By a narrow margin, British voters surprised markets last Thursday by voting 'yes' on a referendum to leave the European Union (EU). The highly charged debate on this issue largely centered on both the economic costs and benefits of being a part of the single market, as well as the open border policies that... Continue reading →

CEO Report: First Quarter

April 19th, 2016
By Jeff Petersen, CEO

New DOL “Conflict of Interest Rule” - The End of Alphabet Soup?

On April 6, 2016 the Department of Labor issued final rulemaking for the “Conflict of Interest Rule – Retirement Investment Advice”. In past columns, I have been a strong advocate of this rulemaking, although there has been strong opposition within our industry. The annual compliance cost for the financial services industry is estimated to be $2.4 billion according to Investment News (January 11, 2016). In my view, this means that the industry may have been significantly overcharging investors... Continue reading →


April 19th, 2016

The first quarter of 2016 was one of big swings. During the first few weeks of the New Year, stocks trended lower as the bad news of China’s economy was taking the space between political primaries.  Then, the European Central Bank indicated that they were going to stimulate the economy, and the stock markets around the world rallied.  If you looked at the beginning and ending balance of your... Continue reading →

Is Buying Low and Selling High Really That Hard?

February 8th, 2016
By Scott Sarber, President

Over the last few weeks I have had many client conversations about the current market conditions. The first thing I would like to point out, is that I do not have many of these types of conversations when the stock market is doing well, only when it is in decline, which provides additional insight into behavioural... Continue reading →

Insist Your Advisor Sign This Document

February 1st, 2016

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